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Owning a Business in Chattahoochee Hills 
The city is committed to working with its businesses and potential businesses to create a commercial environment that is beneficial to business owners, citizens and visitors.
Occupational licenses are required for all businesses operating in Chattahoochee Hills. All occupational licenses must comply with the city’s zoning ordinances. Many times before an occupational license can be issued, inspections by our building inspector and fire marshal are required. Please be proactive in contacting the city early in your business planning process to avoid delays in opening your business on schedule.

Business Licensing 
The city licenses all businesses within the city limits. The term business license is used interchangeably with Occupational Tax Certificate. New licenses are approved by the City Planner and Fire Marshal. Licenses are renewed annually. 

Business Solicitation Permit Application
Home Based Business Guidelines
Occupational License Application Form
Alcohol Beverage Licensing Information 
Before a business can be approved for an alcohol beverage license, they must contact the City Planner at (770) 463-8881 to make sure they are in the correct zone.

Once zoning is verified and inspections are complete, the business must submit an Alcohol Beverage License Application to the City Clerk. All new alcohol beverage licenses are approved by the City Council and compliance with the public advertising requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.

Alcohol beverage licenses expire on December 31st each year. All licenses must be renewed by December 1 each year by submitting a renewal application and applicable fees.

Alcohol Beverage License Affidavit
Alcohol Beverage License Application
Alcohol Beverage License Renewal Application
Consent Form for GCIC Records Check
Non-Profit Special Event ABL Application (Less Than 500 Attendees)
Pouring Permit Application
Short Term RentalsProperty owners that conduct short-term rentals on their property are required to obtain a business license and short-term rental permit, as well as an inspection done by the Department of Community Development (all annually renewed). These requirements are intended to assure that short term rentals meet minimum health and safety guidelines and minimize impacts to residential neighborhoods.

All short-term rental operators have access to our online short-term rental permitting and tax collection system (MUNIRevs). The online portal allows operators to create a free registration account that enables them to apply for, and pay, short-term rental permit fees entirely online. If you are an independent operator (not using AirBnB or VRBO, etc.) you will also pay your Hotel/Motel tax through this service. 

There is no payment processing fee when paying online. All new applications and renewals will have to be handled through this system. Go to MUNIRevs   

Login and account access help is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm PST by contacting MUNIRevs at 1-888-751-1911 or email at  
You will separately need to re-apply for your Business License each year concurrently with your short-term rental permit. For Business License renewal please contact Diane White, City Clerk at 770-463-6595 or
Good Neighbor Brochure
Short Term Rental Ordinance
Business Inspection and Permitting safeBuilt_Logo
Building inspections are provided by SAFEbuilt on an on-call basis.
To schedule an inspection please call SAFEbuilt at (770) 474-9393 or (770) 914-2377.

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All permitting is done through Community Core.
To set up your account to pull and check the status of permits, please click below:

Community Core

For Permitting please contact Sandy Sargent, Permit Tech at 770-463-6566 or

2018 IRC Accessory Structure Guidelines 
2018 IRC Basement Guidelines  
2018 IRC Building Guide Home Additions  
2018 IRC Building Guide Patio Cover  
2018 IRC Building Guide Pole Barns  
2018 IRC Building Guide Residential Re-Roof  
2018 IRC Building Guide Swimming Pools  
2018 IRC Building Guide Uncovered Decks & Porches  
Building in the City of Chattahoochee Hills
DPH Septic System Guide  
Pond Guidance  
RL District Guidelines  
Tree Preservation Ordinance  
Typical Wall Section

Building Permit Application  
CO Request Form  
Demolition Permit Checklist  
Demolition Permit Application  
Erosion Control Agreement
Fence and Retaining Wall Permit Application
Fence and Wall Checklist  
Homeowner-Occupant Affidavit
Land Disturbance Permit Application
Permitting Steps
Plat Checklist
Pool Permit Application  
Sign Permit Application  
Site Plan Checklist  
Subcontractor Affidavit
Trade Permit Application