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While Chattahoochee Hills itself is not known for a vast number of schools, it is situated within both Fulton and Coweta Counties, which have a variety of educational institutions ranging from public to private. Here's an overview:

Public Schools: Chattahoochee Hills is served by the School Systems for Fulton and Coweta Counties, which operate several public schools in the area. These schools include elementary, middle, and high schools, providing education from kindergarten through 12th grade. Examples of public schools in the region include Palmetto Elementary School and Creekside High School in Fulton, and Brooks Elementary and Northgate High School in Coweta County.

Charter Schools: There may be charter schools in the vicinity, offering alternative educational approaches or specialized curricula. Charter schools often have specific focuses such as STEM education or arts integration. The Chattahoochee Charter School is located within the city.

Private Schools: There are also private schools in and around Chattahoochee Hills, providing families with alternative educational options. These schools may offer different educational philosophies, religious affiliations, or specialized programs. The Terra School at Serenbe is located with the city, and two additional private schools, Woodward Academy and The Heritage School, offer bussing services within the city.

Homeschooling: Some families in Chattahoochee Hills choose to homeschool their children, taking advantage of Georgia's homeschooling laws and resources.

Higher Education: While there are no colleges or universities within Chattahoochee Hills itself, there are several higher education institutions in nearby cities like Atlanta. These include Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and Emory University, offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Overall, Chattahoochee Hills residents have access to a variety of educational options, both within the city and in the surrounding areas of Fulton and Coweta Counties.

The school system residents qualify for may be determined by the county where the individual residence is located. Public schools provided bus service to registered students.