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About Us

Our Renewed Efforts
Like many small communities, Chattahoochee Hills has its share of resident historians. Some are descendants of the pioneer families that settled this area in the 1800s. Others came from neighboring towns but grew up here. Still others moved here as adults from Metro Atlanta and beyond.  Add to that the many, many more residents who have saved their family histories and stories and the sum total of our history is mostly stored in private collections.

This website is an effort to share the history of Chattahoochee Hills by compiling past efforts of local history clubs and residents, and providing a space for residents, friends, and neighbors to share their private collections. Laurie Searle, a Chatt Hills resident, is currently the website's administrator; however, others are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

About Chattahoochee Hills

Chattahoochee Hills is located in Fulton County, Georgia, USA. It was incorporated on June 19, 2007, after a year-long effort led by community activists to pass the referendum. Senate Bill 553 is the city charter that incorporates the city of Chattahoochee Hill Country (later renamed Chattahoochee Hills).

The city is comprised of five historic crossroad communities formed in the 1800s: Rivertown, Rico, County Line / Redwine, Goodes, and Friendship. It also has several newer communities ranging in size from several homes to a hamlet: Crossroads Community, Cedar Grove Community, Rico Lake, and the Serenbe Hamlet.

History of our Local History Clubs

Chattahoochee Hills Historical Society
This group formed in 2008 as part of a community volunteer effort that later became the Chatt Hills Civic Association. It included a small group of enthusiastic amateur historians who were passionate about the history of Chattahoochee Hills and wanted to preserve and share its rich rural heritage.

In its early days, the Historical Society met monthly and hosted quarterly presentations throughout the community. It also initiated a project to document all of the cemeteries in Chattahoochee Hills.

Today this group is no longer active, but several its original members remain a resource to those interested in learning about the heritage of Chattahoochee Hills and its historic crossroad communities.

Joe's History Club (Chatt Hills History Club)
This group was formed by Joe Heiberger in December 2012 as a cultural outlet for residents in the Serenbe community to share their love of history. As of 2018, this group is no longer active.

This group featured resident presenters who shared stories about history, as well as their personal historic experiences. Two of its talented members created and produced several plays, including The Ghost of Chatt Hills, which told the story of the historic Beavers House in Campbellton. 

Old Campbell County Historical Club (OCCHS)
This nonprofit was formed in 2007 to preserve the history of Old Campbell County. It is currently active and maintains a research room and exhibit space in the Old Courthouse in Fairburn, Ga.